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At S2M, we redefine preventive healthcare, focusing on proactive measures for wellbeing and early detection of many serious diseases.

Understanding Preventive Healthcare

Practical approaches at S2M involve routine care and screenings to address health issues before escalation, regulating genetics, lifestyle, and environment. This includes screening devices for various types of cancer as well as diagnostic tools for timely detection and therapeutic action.


Early Detection

  • Routine screenings enable early identification, enhancing treatment effectiveness.

Customized Care

  • Tailored plans based on individual profiles reduce disease risks.

Holistic Health

  • Beyond interventions, education empowers positive lifestyle choices for long-term vitality.



Genetic Research

  • Proactive measures using genetic testing to mitigate risks.

Public Awareness

  • Education on healthy habits reduces preventable diseases.

Screening and Tests

  • Vital early detection tools, from blood sugar to cancer screenings.

Digitization of Data

  • Facilitates seamless integration with healthcare systems, optimizing management and analysis.

S2M Care Across Lifespan


  • Screenings, immunizations, counseling for healthy choices.


  • Regular check-ups, vaccinations, early health foundation.


  • Tailored screenings, reproductive health, mental wellbeing support.


Quality of Life

  • Control of risk factors for a healthier life.

Disease Management

  • Early intervention reduces the burden on individuals and systems.

Global Impact

  • Contribution to eradicating diseases, especially non-infectious diseases.

Cost and Stress Reduction

  • Prevention saves time, money, and stress associated with illness.


  • Targets the broader population for preventive healthcare advantages.
  • Offers insights into regional healthcare, aiding data-driven policies.

S2M's Vision and Innovative Solutions

S2M envisions creating a preventive healthcare ecosystem that complements the existing health infrastructure. Leveraging the latest AI/ML-based screening medical devices, such as OralScan for oral cancer and CHOLA AaRoVi Wearable Device (CAWD) for breast cancer detection, we aim to establish a preventive healthcare ecosystem through mass screenings for NCDs at primary, secondary, or tertiary settings.

Mobilization efforts involve ASHAs/ANM/SHGs conducting health screenings twice a year for individuals. The digitalization of screening data will be seamlessly integrated with the NCD portal, allowing for efficient management and analysis.

Preventive Healthcare: Importance of Cancer Detection

The Need

  • Millions of lives are lost due to cancer every year. For example, nearly 88,000 cases of oral cancer are detected in India annually, leading to over 5 deaths every hour/day. Tobacco chewing and delayed disease presentation are major contributors to mortality.

Challenges in Detection:

  • Clinicians find it challenging to detect precancers and locate the optimal site for biopsy, resulting in false negatives, multiple biopsies, and patient discomfort.

Current Screening Modalities in India:

  • Visual inspection with white light, while commonly used, is not accurate enough.

S2M's proactive approach ensures a foundation for a healthier future,
creating healthier individuals, communities, and societies.

Empowering Proficiency

S2M is not just a concept; it's our expertise in transforming ground-breaking research into tangible products.

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