Our Story

We are a “Science to Market” company offering a slew of services that cover the entire lifecycle of life science products. Our journey begins with the conceptualization of research, solidifying scientific evidence through IP creation, regulatory affairs, and clinical research, and extends into market entry strategies.

Vision and mission

In the early 2010s, the vision for S2M Lifescience took root, culminating in its establishment in 2017 with headquarters in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. With additional offices in Vishakhapatnam (India) and Kyoto (Japan), S2M has since extended its footprint across borders.

At the heart of our mission is the seamless translation of scientific breakthroughs into tangible products and services with global impact.

Specializing in medical, pharmaceutical, and allied life science industries, we develop your ideas from inception and take them forward through in-depth research, clinical validation, and regulatory processes, and market research, ultimately facilitating commercial entry. Committed to excellence, S2M continues to support our clients in post-marketing surveillance, ensuring lasting success in the area of healthcare innovation.

Expert Team

S2M Lifescience has a dedicated team of articulate exponents comprising highly qualified scientists, biostatisticians, regulatory affairs experts, medical writers, and sales and marketing professionals. With such expertise spanning diverse disciplines, our team is empowered to handle the complex landscape, ensuring a smooth journey from conceptualization to market penetration.

Our Products

Discover cutting-edge health technology with our revolutionary products.


Breast Cancer Screening Device

The CHOLA AaRoVi Wearable Device utilizes Contact Thermalyse System (CaTS) technology to detect early signs of breast cancer, prioritizing user privacy.

Oralscan device

Oral Screening Device

Oral screening device is a handheld device empowering users and healthcare professionals with real-time screening for oral health issues. These devices mark a significant leap in early detection, ensuring proactive healthcare for everyone.

Our Services

We specialize in driving progress.

Our expertise spans Research Conceptualization, Proof of Concept (POC) Feasibility, Data Acquisition and Analysis, Regulatory Services, Manufacturing Services, Market Research & Sales, and Pharmacovigilance. We navigate complex regulatory landscapes, contribute to evidence-based decision-making, conduct in-depth market research, and ensure the production of high-quality, compliant products.

Global Presence

S2M Lifescience is a technology-driven global organization with offices in Bhubaneswar (India), Vishakhapatnam (India), and Kyoto (Japan). Our commitment to bringing scientific innovations to the global marketplace is exemplified through our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) enabled medical devices. These devices ensure non-invasive screening and early detection of critical ailments.

We believe in:

  • Upholding strong values that guide every engagement.
  • Providing quality service with precision.
  • Meeting and exceeding client expectations through individual and team excellence.
  • Striving to be at the forefront of innovation.
  • Demonstrating commitment to our business and services.
  • Building trust through open communication and mutual value creation.

Our Partners

Empowering Proficiency

S2M is not just a concept; it's our expertise in transforming ground-breaking research into tangible products.

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