CHOLA AaRoVi Wearable Device (CAWD)

It is a CaTS (Contact Thermalyse System) wearable device enabled with thermal sensors to measure the surface temperature of breasts analyzed by an advanced Thermalyse algorithm to detect signs of breast cancer. It is designed to be worn without compromising the privacy of the user.


  • Enables the CAWD study to be conducted at a place of safety, comfort, and convenience for the subject.
  • Requires minimal infrastructure at the study site, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.

  • CAWD does not cause any pain or radiation during the test, making it a comfortable alternative to mammography.
  • Overcomes the deterrent of pain and radiation associated with traditional mammography.

  • Embedded with advanced sensors for mapping the skin temperature of the breasts.
  • Utilizes thermal imaging technology to detect cancerous cells and abnormalities.

  • Provides a high level of privacy for the wearer by allowing the use of clothing during the test.
  • No age restrictions, making it suitable for individuals of all ages as a screening tool for breast cancer.

  • Detects the presence of cancerous cells and abnormalities, forming the basis for further action.
  • Serves as an effective screening tool for breast cancer without causing discomfort.

  • Wearable design enhances mobility, allowing the user to undergo the test at their convenience.
  • Can be used in various settings due to its portability and minimal infrastructure requirements.

  • Simple and user-friendly operation for both subjects and healthcare professionals.
  • Streamlined process for conducting the CAWD study, making it accessible to a broader user base.

  • Provides a non-invasive alternative to traditional mammograms, encouraging more individuals to undergo regular screening.
  • Encourages proactive healthcare by offering a pain-free and radiation-free screening option.

  • Ensures safety by eliminating radiation exposure and minimizing discomfort during the screening process.
  • Reliable in detecting cancerous cells, offering a trustworthy screening solution for breast health.

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